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Having trouble logging in to your account? Here are a couple of common reasons why.
  • Wrong email address. If you forgot which email you registered with, please contact us and we will gladly help retrieve that information.
  • Wrong password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Your Password link and an email will be sent to your email to recover your account.
As a policy, we process and verify that your store information is correct before approving your registration. Meanwhile, you may browse our online catalogue but cannot see prices or make a purchase.

You will receive a Status Update email once your registration is approved. If your registration has been in review for more than one business day, we may require more information.

To expedite the process, please contact us by either calling customer service, sending us an email or leaving a message through our Contact Us page. Thank you for your patience.
Please refer to the previous question: Why is my account Status Pending?

Our Preemo glass product line is available only to authorized dealers. In order to purchase Preemo, please contact us for details on how to become an authorized dealer.
Shipping cost varies due to different order sizes and customer locations. We set the default shipping fee to [$0.00] in our system to avoid any confusion or miscalculation.

The total amount shown on our online invoice refers to products you ordered, shipping fee will be applied accordingly when we contact you with the final invoice.
Taxes are calculated according to the store location your order will be shipped.

For example, if you are located in Alberta and would like the order shipped to an Ontario location, the tax will be adjusted against the Ontario sales tax amount.
Follow these steps to print any previous or current invoices:
  • Go to your My Account page.
  • Click the show all orders link to see a list of all your orders.
  • Click the invoice button to open a new window displaying your invoice.
  • Use your browser setting to print. (ex. File > Print)
The address book is set up for the convenience of multiple store locations.

To add an address, go to My Account page and click on the View or change entries in my address book link. You can select any entry as the default for shipping.

At checkout, you will also have the opportunity to change the shipping address for your order.
If you are not completely satisfied with the items received due to shipping mishaps or products with broken parts, you can contact us with a list accompanied by photos. At which time we will exchange the items or apply store credit to your account toward future purchases.

In order to provide quality customer service and maintain quality control of our products, we may ask you to return the items in question for review.
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