celebrating 20 YEARS

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We want to thank all of you for supporting our small business. Every customer is important to us, whether you have been with us for years or had just stumbled upon our website moments ago. Without your support, we cannot reach this huge milestone.

The Smokesman Showcase

That is why we are celebrating with a 20th Anniversary Special that runs all year.

As you may have noticed, we have 20 items listed at 20% off on our 20/20/20 page. We promise to continue providing incredible pricing and service to our loyal supporters.

If you have yet to try our glass and accessories, now is the time. As always, we do not impose a minimum order quantity to help any shop feel confident about starting with only several items and see how well smoking enthusiasts receive them.

As part of our celebration, we have giveaway draws on Instagram throughout 2024. We want to share this joyful time with our retail partners and glass fans. Remember to visit our profile for updates on the latest draws. We also appreciate your support with a like and follow.

The Smokesman Showcase

We have also started expanding our interest in the industry with a joint venture between Growtown and Solin Naturals. As a result of this collaboration, we are proud to introduce Mapleton to Canada. It's a CBD cigarette boasting all-natural ingredients and is produced in BC. At the time of writing, it is available in Ontario and coming soon to other provinces across Canada. Click here to visit our Mapleton info page.

Once again, thank you all and happy anniversary to us. Yay!

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