YN1169 | 16 inch Papercutting Decal Beaker

16 inch Papercutting Decal Beaker

    YN1169 | 16 inch Papercutting Decal Beaker
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  • Brand: Nice Glass
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16 inch Papercutting Decal Beaker

• 19mm Flame-polished joint
• 14/19 Flame-polished joint stem
• 14mm Flame-polished joint honeycomb bowl
• Borosilicate glass
• Papercutting decal
• Pink mouthpiece
• Base diameter: 130mm

With our Nice Glass logo incorporated into the papercutting design, this beaker bong is an elegant yet sturdy water pipe sitting at 7mm thick. The spacious beaker base has ample space for the smoke to cool and the ice notches just above the beaker base allows for more ice cubes that will sure to give you a real cool rip.

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